Taliesin the Wizard


This large daunting looking wizard marionette stands over 2 feet tall (about 28 inches). His professional puppet control apparatus allows for a full range of movement, including moving eyes and mouth. Notice the attention to detail, as all clothing is hand-sewn. The marionette is made in the classic style having a skeleton carved from wood. Notice his shoes are also carved from wood. His hands and face are cast from a unique plaster-like compound then hand-painted. Please note that each large wizard puppet varies in cloths and painting from order to order. Please talk to our staff about the current stock available. Height:60 cm / 28 inch Skeleton:Wood Face:Unique plaster compound Hands:Unique plaster compound Feet:Hand carved wooden shoes Operating device: Professional marionette operating device – both the mouth and eyes can be made to move. This marionette is quite simply stunning

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