Old Lady

old-ladyOld Lady    Code m18

This fabulous marionette is incredibly lifelike. Indeed, it is one of the most detailed marionettes available. Combine that with a full range of professional motion, solid construction and amazing attention to detail, and you have a truly hand-crafted work of art. Each marionette is roughly 18 inches tall and has a classic skeleton of wood. The face and hands are cast out of a unique plaster- like compound, then meticulously hand-painted. Notice the attention to detail, knitted hat and vest, purse, wrinkles, fingernails and shoes. The shoes are made of actual leather. All clothes are hand-sewn. Height:45 cm / 18 inch Skeleton:Wood Face:Unique plaster compound Hands:Unique plaster compound  Feet:Hand carved from wood with real leather shoes Operating device:Professional operating device

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