Moover Doll’s Pram

moover-pram-a01Simple and stylish, the Moover Doll’s Pram is a classic toy where your child might keep and carry their dolls, having them tucked up and safe in the pram, going for walks and visiting friends. Suitable for a range of ages, the Moover Doll’s Pram is available in a bright cheery red or in a natural finish.

The pram is made of high-quality birch veneer and has wooden wheels with rubber tyres. The pram has a smooth birch finish on all surfaces and the back of the pram is made of one piece of moulded thin veneer. Its provided assembled and ready to use.

– Modern clean lines

– Classic dolls pram shape

– Wooden wheels and rubber tyres

– Delivered assembled and ready for use

– Suitable for toddlers

– Age Range: 1 year + (suitable once your child can walk confidently and unaided)

– Product Dimensions: Length: 42cm Width: 25cm Height: 44cm approx.

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