Pathfinders … Automaton Pteranadon

pf-aut-pter-a01Once built, this small replica dinosaur flaps its wings as the crank is operated by hand. Demonstrated are the mechanics principles or cranks and compression members to operate the wings. Children are encouraged to paint the creature or decorate it once assembled.

Automata and whirligigs have important historical significance as devices of entertainment since the Victorian age. These devices are all hand operated which is common of those found in the museums, arcades and parlours of the 1800’s. Each product requires assembly which is a key feature of the experience. These are a great entry level product for children interested in mechanical fun.

– Made from renewable sources of solid wood
– Models are adjustable, reusable and repairable for years of use
– Teaches principles of mechanics, materials and automatons
– Models take 2-4 hours to assemble and provide hours of fun
– They look great assembled and can be sanded, oiled or painted

– Suitable for ages 8+

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