Pathfinders … Hydraulic Robotic Arm

pf-hyd-robo-a01Robotic articulated arms can be found in factories all over the world. This model uses a battery of independent hydraulic circuits to provide absolute control over the arm pincers … grip, lift, twist, lower and release. Integrate the arm into other construction sets while learning the basics of hydraulics and robotics.

This range of products uses the power of fluid under pressure to control the movement of the machines. Each one simulates a machine that can be found in industry today and  demonstrates the principles of hydraulics (tap water only), linkages and remote control. Each product requires assembly which is a key feature of the experience.

– Made from renewable sources of solid wood
– Models are adjustable, reusable and repairable for years of use
– Teaches principles of mechanics, materials and hydraulics
– Models take 2-4 hours to assemble and provide hours of fun
– They look great assembled and can be sanded, oiled or painted

– Suitable for ages 8+

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