Pathfinders … Medieval Trebuchet

pf-med-treb-a01Trebuchets use a weighted basket and a host of mechanical principles to fling projectiles from a pouch over the walls of castles. This machine was famous for flinging dead animals and severed enemy heads into castles and cities under siege. This one is good for lumps of putty, grapes and foil balls.

The term ‘Siege Engines’ broadly describes the machinery of warfare used in ancient times. Products in this range are all fully functioning working models that simulate the design of real battle machines. Each product requires assembly which is a key feature of the experience. The range is designed to be tough and reliable.

– Most components made from solid wood (always renewable sources)
– Models are adjustable, reusable and repairable for years of use
– Teaches principles of mechanics, physics and history
– Models take 2-4 hours to assemble and provide hours of fun
– They look great assembled and can be sanded, oiled or painted

– Suitable for ages 9+

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