Götz Collection

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With their beautifully sculptured faces, personality and charm, Götz dolls capture the heart of every girl. Their superior quality and design provide a lifetime of love!

Stock is very limited and our special annual delivery is currently on its way to our Olinda store. So pre-order your doll today to avoid the disappointment of missing out, guarantee your new little friend a home at your place!

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Götz – Classic Kidz Collection

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The Classic Kidz dolls is a new range by Gotz for 2013.

These dolls are designed by the world-renowned doll artist Hildegard Gunzel, which explains their gorgeous faces and beautiful outfits.  Although they have the same vinyl body design as Gotz Happy Kidz the costumes are by far superior in terms of the quality of the fabrics used and attention to detail and finish. The doll bodies are completely made out of vinyl, thus making the dolls fully articulated and give them a natural appearance.

Material: Vinyl Play doll

Size: 50 cm/ 20 inch

Other: 9 Joints

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Götz … Vroni

dolls_gotz_vroniVroni wears a traditional Dirndl style dress; white cotton bloomers, petticoat & peasant blouse. Her stripy pink satin dress is complete with an overlay green satin apron embroidered with flowers.

Children can easily comb and style her quality hair.
These exquisite dolls that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are numbered to reflect their limited production.


Material : Vinyl Play doll
Size: 50 cm / 20 inches
Other: 9 articulated joints


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Götz – Happy Kidz Collection

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Götz – Hannah Collection

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