Three Wishes Castle

ltv-three-wishes-castle-a01The Three Wishes Castle includes a tall tower with a balcony and ladder, a dragon’s dungeon, drawbridges, garden, tree and unicorn stable. Matching tiny timber dolls and fantasy Papo figurines are available in store.

– Dimensions 41d x 50h x 58w cm

– Age range 3+

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Jack-in-the-Box – Pink Fairy

pink-fairy-jack-in-the-box-a01-kfThis pink fairy Jack-in-box has been designed by Liane Gough. Liane’s very detailed illustrations of fairies are represented here in an Australian floral motif. A profusion of flowering gumnuts and red mushrooms decorate the borders. The tune is the traditional ‘Pop goes the Weasle’ and the fairy with her bright pink hair jumps up on queue.

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Tin Man

tin-man-marionette-a03-amcAn exciting new marionette has just arrived that has a unique charm and level of detail and is very different in style from our Czech marionettes. This Wizard of Oz Tin Man is hand made from pressed and carved epoxy wood and painted meticulously. The controller includes 7 strings with independent rocking control over the head (tilting left and right). The eye and face detail is exceptional and the joint movement is unencumbered.
Tin Man is available in limited edition only and is made in Canada by the Russian artist who designed him. He measures about 30cm from head to toe and we’ve imported him without the metal rod which gives him a more natural movement.

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