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Kamifusen - Japanese Paper Balloon / Fish / 110 mm


Kamifusen (紙風船), meaning paper (kami) balloon (fusen), is a traditional Japanese toy. The balloon is constructed from semitransparent glassine segments put together in a manner similar to the way plastic segments make a beach ball. Because it is made of paper, the kamifusen is light enough for indoor play yet heavy enough that keeping it aloft is a challenge.

They float like bubbles and can be hit back and forth in the air like a weightless volleyball. They are perfectly safe inside because they weigh basically nothing. You inflate by blowing towards their little hole, and hitting them keeps them inflated ... yes, you need a physics masters to understand why.

This pack includes one fish balloon. They're amazingly tough ... you can hit them with an open hand firmly, and rather than pop or deflate ... they tend to maintain their shape.

With its additional tabs and details, this one is more ideal for hanging as a decoration, but is still fun for ball play.