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COVID-19 Update

We're all experiencing this challenge together, and we'd like to let you know what we're doing with the store and on-line trading. We all need fun things in our life, so we don't want to close, but we want to do our part in protecting the community and slowing the spread of this virus until a vaccine or treatment can be developed. We'll make small simple announcements on this page by data to let you know whether we're open and how you can still purchase the best Puppets & Toys in the World! 

Date 2nd April 2022
We're back to normal ... almost! Customers no longer require masks but hand sanitizing and maintaing social distance is still wise. You also no longer need to scan the QR codes! Hooray. It's beautiful in the hills in Autumn and the leaves are changing colour. See you soon!
Date 5th September 2021
We're stuck in this Covid Groundhog Day ... again, and again. Our customers can order from us over the phone or on our web store. Click 'n' Collect is available every weekday between 12:00noon until 2:00pm. Staff are inside the building during these times and offer contactless collection. We're shipping every weekday, so orders made over the weekend are posted immediately on Monday morning! If you visit the store during those hours, just phone us on 03 9755 3300.
Date 2nd April 2021
Trading as normal now ... 10:00am until 5:00pm daily. We ask that you scan the QR code on the way into the store, and be mindful of social distancing. If you can't social distance, we ask that you wear a mask according to government advice. Other than that ... Let it Go!, Let it Go! Can't stand this COVID anymore! etc.
Date 24th February 2021
We're now open daily and trading as normal ... we almost. Please bring a mask and wear it in the store when you're unable to social distance. We are limited to 20 people inside at once, so occassionally we need to apply a one-in-one-out arrangement. We have sanitiser at hand and we have an easy to use Vic Gov QR code for you to register you visit. Other than that ... we're back to normal and welcome your visit. The entire village is open again now so you'll find the same conditions amongst all traders here.
Date 28th October 2020
We're opening today and each day now from 11am-4pm! Yeah! ... We still have the COVID precautions in place, but, you can now visit the store according to your ability to travel. Please bring your mask and be ready to sanitize and leave your contact details with staff. Of course, our new website is working fine and orders can be placed there for delivery or collection from the shop.
Date 16th September 2020
Finally!! ... Our webstore is launched and you're able to choose many wonderful Geppetto's Workshop toys online. The website reflects stock ... so if you see it, it's available unless marked as Sold Out. Slowly, we'll add more of our range. You'll notice a few products don't have images, but we'll add them over time. Click-n-Collect is still available for you to choose from the Checkout. Orders below $100 will require a minimal postage charge, but orders over $100 will qualify for free postage ... well, it's not free ... we'll pay it for you.
Date 14th July 2020
We're staying open every day between 11:00am and 4:00pm for phone orders and email sales. You can collect your goods at our dispatch table or you're able to ask for them to be posted. Just call us on 03 9755 3300 to enquire.
Date 28th March 2020

At this time, we're still trading normal hours between 10:30am and 5:00pm.

There's a steady trickle of visitors to the store and we're having no trouble maintaining the social distancing laws. Most people coming are quite motivated and shopping in peace and quiet.

Date 26th March 2020

At this time, we're trading normal hours between 10:30am and 5:00pm. To maintain the mandated social-distancing laws, only 12 people can be inside the store at once and everyone must try to keep 1.5 meters away from the next person. Our tiles are 0.5m wide, just use 3 tiles as a space indicator.