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DIY Dress-Up Girl with Fabric


This is a remarkable and classic toy. It's deceptively simple, but provides unlimited creative fun when a child uses their imagination. The top board hinges up and you lay pieces of scrap fabric over the little girl dressed in her undies. As the top board hinges back down, the excess fabric is hidden and she appears to be dressed!

She's supplied with a variety of cloths to begin, but children are encouraged to find their own and make some with white cloth and markers. It also comes with multiple faces.

It's inexpensive and represents exceptional value for money. This is a staff favourite and most strongly recommended.

Like most Fun Factory toys ... and like most good toys in fact ... it comes in a box with a lid so that all the pieces can remain together. This ensures the longevity of the toy and makes it suitable for plane and car trips or taking to Grandma's.