Commedia dell’arte Il Capitano – The Captain

commedia-dellarte-il-capitano-marionette-a03-amcIl Capitano (The Captain) is a bragadocious, arrogant, egocentric man feigning machismo. Behind this thick façade of manliness and courage, he is, in fact, a timid coward afraid of most everything. He probably is not a Captain in an army, but because he moves around from city to city, he is able to pretend he has higher status than he really should. Il Capitano is feared by the townspeople only because he puts on a convincing (albeit absurd) show of intimidation.

This is a hand painted 25 cm collector’s marionette made of SculpWood epoxy putty.

The Captain has just arrived and reveals a unique charm and level of detail and is very different in style from our Czech marionettes. The controller includes 7 strings with independent rocking control over the head (tilting left and right). The mask, eye and face detail is exceptional and the joint movement is unencumbered.
The Captain is available in limited quantities only and is made in Canada by the Russian artist who designed him. We’ve imported him without the metal rod which gives him a more natural movement.

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