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Early Learning & Educational

This is learning we sometimes take for granted!

By the time you're 5-6 years old, a great part of your learning has already taken place. Imagine learning that your fingers belong to you, or learning how one thing can hide another? Do we remember first reasling how everything seems to fall towards the ground, or even how a round peg jsut won't go inside a square hole.

Geppetto's Workshop specialize in toys that require input, effort and initiative from the child. Clearly, we're not big on toys that act as 'electronic baby sitters' ... because that undermines the opportunity for our parents and family. The toys in this range can be played alone, or can involve you too.  

Early learning also includes how we interact with our own feelings, and those of others, which become the basis of 'self' and relationships. No single toy achieves any of this, but choosing well can provide a healthy context for this leaning.