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Music & Jewellery Boxes

The "Doll on a Music Box"!

Made iconic by the song "Truly Scrumptious", a little spinning figurine on top of a music box is part of our European heritage. The twinlking sounds of a clock-work music box are very emotive and bring new joy to young kids today.

We love the sounds too and we keep a great range of music boxs, carousels and ornamental jewellery boxes for kids to enjoy ... all with classic mechanical, wind-up music boxes inside.

The clockwork music box has a fascinating history dating back to the 18th century. Their origins can be traced to Switzerland, where skilled watchmakers combined precision engineering with musical expertise. These early music boxes used intricate clockwork mechanisms to produce melodious tunes, often through a rotating cylinder studded with pins that plucked the tuned metal tines of a tuned comb.