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Charlie Bears - Isabelle Collection

Are these the most beautiful, handcrafted bears in the world?!

Isabelle Charlie Bears must be some of the world's most beautiful bears. Each bear is unique when designed, and handmade in very small quantities. Every year, renowned bear designer, Isabelle Lee works with Charlie Bears UK to create a collection of special bears available to an exclusive group of bear stores. Typically, only 200-300 are made, and we always receive a small quantity for our customers.

If you see these words below on a bear you'd like ... "PRESALE MAY BE AVAILABLE - Email or call us NOW on 03 9755 3300" ... don't despair. This means the bear has been ordered, but has yet to arrive at our village store. You may still be able to secure one of the bears that's coming. Simple call us during business hours to enquire.

The new collection is launched in February every year, so get in touch with us now, or prior to the launch to get early access to information and bears. Given how few we can get, you must be very proactive to secure the most popular before they arrive.