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Classics & Novelties

The "best of the best" from our childhood!

Here is where we keep those amazing little toys that remind us of our childhood. Here is where we also keep those we believe might become classics! Do you remember Jacob's Ladder, Magic Goo balloons, crystal sets, super dome poppers, Slinkys and light-up yo-yos?

Having stood the test of time, these toys don't disappoint and simply don't lose appeal over time. They make excellent gifts for both adults looking for a nostaligia hit, or kids who can discover them for the first time.

We really try to find the original brand ... the manufacturer who started the craze. We hunt high and low to bring you the very same item you may have owned as a child, or as close as we can. We also look for toys we believe will become icons for the next generation ... the toys they'll tell their kids about and keep in the "nostaliga box" themselves.