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Water Balls & Carousels

Two iconic toys from our childhood!

Few images in the history of toys and story-telling are as iconic and emotive as the wind-up toy carousel and the water ball. Carousels and water balls are embedded in the stories of our childhood, and they've been used in popular culture for decades including movies, books and theatre.

Destined to be the favourite, water balls and carousels always take a special, safe place on the shelf. Giving a gift like this is a grand gesture and likely to win you hugs'n'kisses from your family or friend. Our range is comprehensive and we inspect all items before shipping to ensure you're happy!

Water balls have a fascinating history beginning in Austria. Sometimes called snow globes, they often use non-water fluids and have glitter and other particles rather than snow. Carousels originate from jousting and horse tournaments, but the mechanical 'merry-go-round' originates from the 18th century when entertainment parks began to appear in Europe and England.