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Role Play Sets & Accessories

Role play is the sand-pit of life!

While it looks they're just 'playing', role play is considered a testing ground for life ... a place where kids learn to share, learn to empathise, and test our ideas. We can encourage this type of play by creating an environment which facilitates imaginitive outcomes rather than fixed/determined outcomes.

Geppetto's Workshop staff are experts at 'play', and we all have experience with children and their developmental stages and journey. Our range spans from a simple paper-doll kit to take on long journeys, to large doll houses to set up in the bedroom.

Role play is a vital and enjoyable aspect of a child's development. By pretending to be different characters, children enhance their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Role play fosters language development as it requires communication and vocabulary expansion. It also encourages empathy and understanding of others' perspectives, helping build stronger interpersonal relationships. Role play aids in emotional regulation as children explore feelings and scenarios in a safe, controlled environment.