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Charlie Bears - Plush Collection

Is this the most popular collectable bear range in the world?!

The plush collection of Charlie Bears is the heart of their brand. A yearly collection of these bears is launch globally every February, and they arrive throughout the year. All Plush Charlie Bears are fully jointed allowing their arms, legs and heads to turn. They're all posable to a degree depending on their joint design which ranges from floppy, to firm allowing them to standing up. Each bear has a unique device around its neck which is typically a charm on a cord, but sometimes a ribbon, scarf, brooch or even a hat.

We stock almost every bear in the range, and offer our customers a service to secure bears before they even arrive. Our VIP Collectors receive priority access to bears, notifications and special offers when available. Ask about this service now!

If you see these words below on a bear you'd like ... "PRESALE MAY BE AVAILABLE - Email or call us NOW on 03 9755 3300" ... don't despair. This means the bear has been ordered, but has yet to arrive at our village store. You may still be able to secure one of the bears that's coming. Simple call us during business hours to enquire.