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Push & Pull Toys

One of our most popular ranges!

Predominantly toys for children below the ages of 5, push and pull toys have been a staple of our range for years. Pull-along toys are preferable for children not yet walking, but perhaps crawling about on the carpet. Push-along toys require the child to be walking stably ... ideally running!

The push-along animals on the end of the stick has been one our our most popular items for over 25 years. In that time, customers have returned repeatedly to purchase again for the next chil in their family. In particular, children seem to enjoy the sound of the little beads on the wheels as they spin.

These toys promote physical activity as kids engage in active play, pulling or pushing the toy along, which enhances their gross motor skills and coordination. They encourage imaginative play, as children create stories and scenarios with their moving companions. Pull or push-along toys also help with cognitive development as children learn about cause and effect, spatial relationships, and problem-solving as they navigate obstacles. Moreover, these toys can improve social skills when children engage in cooperative play with others.