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Toys to Construct

Going Up!

This is a very broad category including anything requiring you to construct the toy. This includes sets of colourful wooden blocks, complicated 3D puzzles, and our tiny rare-earth magnet sets. If you can build it, it's all here.

If you're unsure what to choose, remember we're toy experts. There are no 'lemons' in this range. We know our products VERY well, and we insist on trying almost everything in the store. If we haven't already got a child of our own the same as yours, we certainly have ideas on what might be relevant. You can use the chat on our website, or call (03 9755 3300) and email us. 

The best toys are those that have open-ended outcomes, meaning you're not limited to a single finished 'thing' and can use your imagination. This also means the toy has a longer lifespan because it can be enjoyed many times.