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Doll Houses & Accessories

Role-play is a learning powerhouse!

At some point in our childhood, we've all animated a little figurine and pretended that it lived inside a little house, or interacted with another little figurine. This is imaginitive roleplay and it's a very important way that chidren learn. They play-out various scenarios with their miniatures according to rolemodels they have in their lives, mixed in with their imaginations. They test ideas, and confirm behaviours they've seen themselves.

Geppetto's Workshop keeps a small collection of doll houses, both modular, and classic. We also offer a selection of figurines (the dolls) scaled to fit inside.

A small doll house is an excellent platform for this learning ... and by doll house, we don't mean only a 'house'. The best doll houses are modular, open from multiple sides, and can represent almost anything. They can be a school, a vet hospital, a garage, a police station or a school.