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Puppets & Accessories

We are Australia's puppet experts!

Puppetry can be found across the globe and across time. It exists in various forms in most cultures and seems to have been used in both ancient, recent and modern times. While not top-of-mind, customers quickly recall Pinocchio, Mr Squiggle, the Fraggles, Japanese banraku, Chinese dragons, Austrian marionettes, Sesame Street or Achmed the Dead Terrorist. What about Alf, the Tucker Bag, Dickie Knee, Gerry Gee ... and who can forget the Muppets.

Puppetry is the core of our expertise and what we're known nationally for. We source puppets from around the world and stock a vast range of styles, characters and price points giving everyone a chance to get involved.

Animating a puppet can be simple fun for children, but it can also be a critical tool for professionals who work with children, the elderly and all people with specific mental-health needs. Many of our puppets become essential communication resources for speech pathologists, psychologists, aged-care workers, teachers, nurses, church leaders and librarians. Ask us to day for recommendations that might best suit your needs.