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All shapes, all type and all ages!

The jigsaw puzzle as we know it today, originates from late in the 1940's when they began to be formed out of cardboard cut into tiny pieces by a press tool of shaped blades. The jigsaw machine itself was invented in the mid 1800's and is actually no longer used to make jigsaw puzzles ... but it once was. In the 1790's the first puzzle is recorded in which the pieces were the shapes of the countries of Europe and the waterways that connect them. Those pieces were probably hand cut using a fret saw.

We are BIG FANS of puzzles because we feel they're a great way to spend time together, or to let your mind wonder and relax. Our range is extensive and includes conventional puzzles, three dimensional puzzles, block puzzles, layered puzzles and more. They're a very safe-bet gift, or a nice way to indulge yourself on a rainy weekend.

Here's a useless fact we'll share ... 1000 piece puzzles rarely contain 1000 pieces. They typically are 1008 or 1026 to make the correct rectangular shape.