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Ambi Toys

Ambi Toys

Over 50 years of heritage ... bright, simple, British, Ambi!

The Ambi Toys was created in 1969 in Holland and between 1976 and 2002, all the products were designed exclusively by Patrick Rylands. All of Rylands' designs are notable for their bright, clean primary colours, making the Ambi Toys instantly recognisable.

Our customers choose Ambi Toys because they're classics and withstand the test of time. Their packaging, quality and price make them perfect gifts when wanting to show you care.

Ambi Toys are all tested to EU and ISO safety standards and comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards. All Ambi Toys are designed for children between the ages of 0-3 years, and the packaging of each item displays a ‘target age’. This age identifies when the toy is typically matched for a child’s development stage (eg. 18 months), but does not mean the toy is unsafe or unsuitable for children older or younger.

Ambi use ABS material in many of their products which is the polymer most commonly used in LEGO. ABS is safe for children to handle, is hard wearing and in less prone to absorbing stains and chemicals.