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Enjoy superior toy designs, with the sustainability of bamboo!

EverEarth toys are beautifully designed in the UK and made to international toy standards. Their range includes many classic toys considered fundamental in early childhood development, but they also look to innovate where new value and benefits can be found. As a testament to their commitment to the sustainable sourcing of timber, for every EverEarth product purchased, you can go online to their website at and register. From there, EverEarth will plant a tree on your behalf in their FSC certified forest. 

We keep their most popular Name Train series which has been a favourite in our stores for over 10 years. We also keep a small range of their toy fundamentals which make excellent gifts for friends or yourself!

Most EverEarth toys are designed for children below 3 years and comply or exceed all European, ISO and Australian standards for safety. In particular, EverEarth use non-toxic water-based dyes to colour their wooden parts which is safe, and retains the beauty of the exposed timber grain. EverEarth distinguish themselves by their preference for using bamboo where possible which is considered a sustainable timber resource.