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Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

At some point ... most kids dabble in the concept of magic. We're referring to the sleight-of-hand style magic, not the spooky, spiritual stuff! History and pop culture is full of magicians, even today, and trying a trick or two is a great way to experiment with performing. This includes Penn & Teller, Cosetino and the Now You See Me movies. 

This is a new category for us, so the range will grow over time. We try all our 'tricks' before we choose, so you can be confident each is managable for the target age group.

Magic trick toys provide a multitude of developmental advantages, including stimulating creativity, enhancing fine motor skills, boosting confidence, and teaching perseverance and critical thinking. It's important to choose magic tricks suitable for the child's age and development. In our experience, children below the age of 7 struggle to understand sleight-of-hand ... so be ready to laugh and clap politely if you give a 4 year old a complex trick!