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Walkers & Wagons

A good wagon is gold in the home!

Is it a walking aid, a block wagon, a doll's bed, a pram, a wheel barrow, a shopping trolley or a firetruck? A good wagon can be many or all. Given the value of walkers and wagons, it's best that they're non-gendered and flexible in their use. Let all the kids play with it, and let them do as they please, not committed to a single outcome.

We choose our walkers and wagons carefully, conscious that they're often used by little people taking their first steps. You can be confident that ours are stable and resist tipping over. We like walkers and wagons that can have multiple purposes, confident that they'll remain in the family and passed from down the line. 

To enable shipping, our walkers and wagons require basic assembly. This is normal and takes only a few minutes with tools included.