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French design toys, serious on quality, always safe, and big on fun!

Young French mother, Véronique Michel-Dalès, created the Djeco company in 1954 at a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind. Over the years, it transformed into a global leader in children's toys. Shifting towards innovative art and craft kits in the 1980s, Djeco gained renown for its artistic and educational approach to play. This marked the start of its reputation for creating aesthetically pleasing and enriching toys.

Geppetto's Workshop offer what we believe are some of the very best from their massive range. Djeco packaging is always exceptional, so we find parents choose Djeco when giving gifts to impress.

What makes Djeco remarkable is their relationship with graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world. They commission custom artwork for use in their products which is why their toys are typically unique in the market. Today, Djeco stands as a beacon of imaginative and educational play, captivating children and parents alike worldwide. Djeco's journey from card games to multifaceted, high-quality toys reflects a remarkable evolution, continuing to bring joy and learning to generations of young minds.