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Train Sets & Accessories

One of the most iconic toys available!

Train sets and train oriented toys have been popular since ... the invention of the steam train we suspect. Little toy trains running on miniature tracks date back to Germany in the mid 1890's, and iconic brands like Brio, Siku and Thomas have become part of our childhood memories.

We stock the name train by Ever Earth because it achieves many functions. You can customize the letters that sit in the carriages to match your child's name, you can pull them along the ground (no, they don't fall over), you can place them on the tracks of almost all common train sets ... and you can sit them on the shelf as a display.

Roleplay is a valuable tool for children's development. It fosters creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. Through imaginative play, kids learn empathy, cooperation, and communication. It also helps them understand different perspectives and build self-confidence. Roleplay encourages cognitive and emotional growth while making learning enjoyable and engaging.