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A fusion of fine plated metal and Swarovski crystal!

Crystocraft collectible figurines are objects of delight. Made from finely cold-pressed and plated metal, they are formed into three-dimensional shapes of classic characters. Each figurine holds one or more European Swarovski crytals which capture and spread sparkles of light.

Geppetto's Workshop's range has grown a loyal following of collectors who now await the yearly release of new models. Each item is nicely boxed and well priced, so we find these are popular for birthday gifts for adults and children above 6 years of age.

Crystocraft have their origins in the late 1950's in Hong Kong where United Art began their journey into cold-pressing metals for the gift market. 70 years and a family generation later, Crystocraft now remains one of the few masters of this method and leaders in the design of fine metal miniatures. Since 2010, they have been parring 32-facet Bohemian crystal with their metal art to create a range of figurines designed to be treasured.