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Silly Puppets

Silly Puppets

"I love those puppets! ... you know, the ones with the big mouths!"

These are exceptional puppets that delight children. The range is known for the large flip-top head mouth that is easy to animate and visible from a distance. The smaller 14" size are ideal for kids and smaller rooms, while the larger 25" and 30" models are better for teachers, church groups and performing at distance.

New York based designs for over 50 years, Silly Puppets are our most popular range with their signature big mouths. Geppetto's Workshop carries almost everything they make including Caucasian, Hispanic and African skin-tones in boys, girls and parents. We've also got Policemen, Firemen, Cooks and Grannies!

These are perfect for home plays, schools, church groups and for therapists! You don't need lots of training, they come alive on your hand. If you'd like some help using your puppet, contact us or drop into the store and we can show you a few tips to help your puppet come to life.