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Soft Toys & Ragdolls

The most classic of children's toys!

Few toys are more iconic than teddy bears and ragdolls! A special little 'ted' or 'dolly' is part of most children's childhood. Kid's choices can be baffling, and you can't dictate which one will become the favourite, but one thing is for sure, once a child chooses, that toy will become part of their life.

This is a big range, so use the filters on the left to show only those of interest to you or you'll get lost! Our range includes jointed classic Charlie Bears, branded icons, old-school basics, and simple teddies.

Teddy bears and rag dolls foster imaginative play, encouraging storytelling and creativity. Through role-playing and sharing secrets, children develop vital social and emotional skills. These cherished plush friends become treasured keepsakes, serving as a nostalgic link to precious childhood memories and the enduring bond between a child and their teddy bear.