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Art & Craft

Some craft-a-day keeps the screens away!

Well, maybe not entirely, by art and craft is a great way to get off those damn screens. Sit with your kids and get involved while allowing them to make their own mistakes. Set up junior at the bench while you're cooking dinner, or begin a project and spend a little time each weekend on it together.

Geppetto's Workshop keeps a great range of kits and projects to get into some craft. This ranges from basic markers, up to all-in-one sets. If you visit our store, we can wrap your gifts on the spot. If you're buying online, leave us a comment in your cart (or an email) and we'll wrap it before we post!

We make sure our art and craft supplies are age appropriate, so be guided by the age ratings and resist the temptation to buy something advanced for your 'super talented' grandson etc.. It's really best to match the dexterity and detail of the project with the skills of the little crafter!