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Baby & Nursery

Give a gift that's really special!

Beautiful gifts for children is our strength, and your gift could be that special item that is treasured for a lifetime. We feel gifts for babies and toddlers fall into three categories.

  • Gifts for immediate use that will then be discarded (eg. teether)
  • Gifts for play and to grow into that will be kept (eg. block stacker)
  • Gifts for the shelf that will be treasured for life (eg, carousel or matryoshka)

We keep LOTS of all three, and prices range from $10-$200. Knowing what else the receiver already has is helpful, because no one needs three block-trolleys! When in doubt, choose something classic, unusual and emotive. Beautiful water balls, carousels and matryoshka fit this well because they're rare, are beautiful and have play value.

All our items designed to be handled by a baby or toddler are 0-3yrs safe and compliant with toy standards. Other more ornamental items are designed for supervised play, and can begin life as decor until the child is ready to actually handle them solo. Be guided by the Safety Age ratings on our products.