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What's my theme?? Wildlife!

Enjoy our little collection of toys, puppets and gifts that are based on the animals who remain free in our forests, oceans, skies and savanahs. A love of animals is a gift and something to nuture in young people. We believe that valuing the wildlife of our lands is critical. Play can be a means of learning and empathising, and role play including toys of Earth's wildlife is a pathway to conservation and sustainability. 

In Australia, the First Nations people of this island understood the importance of natural order ... because they relied on it to survive. They valued our native wildlife and needed to live in balance with the creatures that shared their land. The indigenous Australians have had that taken from them by colonial Australia, and many of their connections have diminished or been lost entirely. Now that we know and understand this history, toys that celebrate our wildlife can be excellent tools to communicate to our children the urgency for change .