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YoYo Factory

YoYo Factory

The YoYo Factory take their yoyos very seriously!

They make yoyos that make learning easier with everything from easy beginner responsive yoyo’s ... through to unresponsive professional- bind return yoyos. Their staff are yoyo players and champions and are always researching and working hard to make even better yoyos for everyone to enjoy. YoYoFactory was founded in 2003 by USA based International Yo-Yo superstar YoHans (Hans Van Dan Elzen). His focus was on creating unique patented technology that would actually make playing with a Yo-Yo a more enjoyable experience.

We carry the best of the range with prices from supa-low to kinda' pricey! The range starts with beginner models and ends with a yoyo designed for a pro ... and actually used to win a world championship. But all work like they should ... super smooth and good return.

We no longer bother keeping novelty-style wooden yoyos ... because they don't work reliably and can't be used to develop real yoyo skills ... so they disappoint. YoYo Factory yoyos are perfect for all ages to help master this enduring skill.