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What's my theme?? Woodland!

Enjoy our little collection of toys, puppets and gifts that are based on the theme of the woodlands of Europe and North America. The woodlands can be magical places, and if you've walked through the Black Forest of Bavaria, the Ordesa of the Pyrenees in Spain, or the Hallerbos Forests of Belgium, you'll understand our love of the woodlands. They are places that invoke deep, emotional responses is us, and they're santuaries for the flaura and fauna we rely upon. Enjoy owls, bears, deer, squirrels, mice, mushrooms, snow flakes, juniper, fir trees and fairies. Watch the Sound of Music together, or enjoy more recent films like Tangled, Shrek, Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella. Play games like Catan, Dragonwood and Sleeping Queens. Read some children's stories together like Snow White, The Bremen Town Musicians or Grimms. Spread some 'woodland love' with your children.