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Outdoor & Active Toys

Go outside ... and don't come back until dinner!

Once upon a time, kids liked to go outside and play ... and weren't give a choice! Sounds bizaare, but being outside and playing used to be the norm. Young parents today battle with the alure of digital entertainment. While 'screens' and 'devices' offer amazing experiences, watching other people fly a kite on YouTube just isn't the same as doing it yourself.

We try to keep a range of toys that can be enjoyed outside and which ideally cause kids to be active. The benefits are numerous and obvious, but the challenges to the parents of today are huge. Ultimately, most kids will follow your lead, so grab a kite or frisbee, drag junior to the park, and get involved. Easier said than done, but everyone's a winner!

Children learn social skills through outdoor play where they interact with peers, building teamwork, communication, and empathy. Outdoor play also teaches risk assessment and problem-solving, boosting resilience and independence. Moreover, it instills a connection to the natural world, nurturing environmental consciousness. Overall, outdoor play contributes to a well-rounded, healthy, and socially adept child, setting the foundation for lifelong physical and mental well-being.