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Elfos de Pep Catala

Elfos de Pep Catala

Elfos dolls are unique in the world ... nothing comes close in diversity, quality and price!

Elfos (Elves) de Pep Catala produce the most extraordinary range of dolls available. All manufactured in Spain, each doll is a unique character in a fantasy world, complete with its own origin story. The design aesthetic of Elfos is polarizing ... some love them, and others struggle. If you're an Elfos fan, our range will look like heaven!

Geppetto's Workshop is the only Australian company with such a huge range, ready for immediate delivery. We keep dolls of various sizes, and the larger ones come with catalogue books showing the range of characters and stories for each.

Not all of our dolls are currently represented in our online store, but more will be added over time..