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Obitsu ... made in Japan!

These are the Kewpies we knew in our childhood. Now manufactured in virgin polymers in Japan, the range is extensive and very high quality.

The Cupid-like 'Kewpie' was first created by American illustrator and cartoonist Rose O'Neill in 1909 (Cupid=Kewpie). After initially being manufactured as paper-dolls, these little dolls were first produced as bisque dolls in Germany in the 1913. In the 1920's, Kewpie dolls began to be made from a plant-based polymer called cellulose.  Now, Obitsu make these beautiful dolls in various sizes.

Kewpie dolls have played roles in early advertising, in movies, in toys and for Australians ... as little kewpie fairies on sticks sold at carnivals and shows. Over the years, they diversified into various sizes and forms, from tiny charms to large, cuddly versions. Kewpie dolls remain a beloved collectable and symbol of nostalgia,