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New York magazine said ... "you're SO going to want to buy these!"

You might say they’re old pros in the field of magnetic fun. Their Brooklyn-based team of designers, dreamers and fidgeters alike are more than just the visionaries behind SPEKS — they're the creators of Buckyballs and Zen Magnets, too! If there a “Desk Toy Hall of Fame” somewhere, they'd be in it ...

Our SPEKS come in a variety of colours but all provide the same fun and sets can be combined. Our packs come with instructions, a metal base/stand and a polymer knife/card to assist creating the more complex shapes. The outcomes are endless.

512 tiny rare-earth magnets fit into the little jewel case inside each box. When released, the poles of the magnets cause them to snap into position and form chains, hexagonal structures or blobs of tangles magnets. You can create your own design, or follow details instructions online to create masterpieces.