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Glove Puppets

The best range of glove puppets!

Put simply ... a glove puppet is operated by your hand giving you control of the limbs, mouth or body of a character. Glove puppets tend to facilitate each finger of the hand where the thumb and pinky operate the legs, and the index and ring fingers operate the arms ... or where the each finger of the hand is used to animate a finger puppet mounted to a glove. At their simplest, some are almost gloves with printed content used for teaching songs or concepts.

These puppets are ideal for story-telling and roleplay fun with children, both at home and in therapy. Our puppets are commonly used by nurses, psychologists, teachers and in aged care. Puppets have a way of breaking down barriers, so it's not uncommon for people to feel disarmed by a puppet and willing to communicate.

Remember all the silly puppets we knew as kids? Ozie Ostrich, the Fraggles, the Tucker Bag, Sesame Street, Alf and so may more. Yes, Puch & Judy were hand puppets too, though a bit 'non-pc' now.