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Kewpie Doll - Flouro / 5 cm

by Kewpie
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This is the classic Kewpie we're all familiar with, still made in Japan by Obitsu. Kewpie has become a part of our Australian childhood pop-culture and was available in the 50's through to the 70's at carnivals and country shows.

Often found mounted on a stick, downed with wings, face painted, dressed up in little outfits, in a show bag, and in the bath tub, Kewpie Dolls have become very nostagic to so many Australians.

This 5cm variety comes in four colours of varying degrees of flouro'ness. The arms and legs are fixed, so Kewpie stands upright! Great for your collection, your desk, your car dashboard and often found on top of a cake!

Safety : 3yrs +