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1000 Piece Puzzle - Anton Pieck / Craftsmanship

by Jumbo
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Travel back in time as you recreate Anton Pieck's artistic masterpiece called Craftsmanship. All 1000 pieces are perfectly 'coined' to have smooth edges. This means the edges don't fray easily and the pieces fit nicely together. Jumbo puzzles are made in the Netherlands of course so you can trust the quality!

Dutch painters were masters of capturing the character of peasant life. Anton Pieck was born in 1895 and is famous for fairy-tale like impressions of European village life. He died in 1987 and his art is captured beautifully by Jumbo in a series of 1000 piece puzzles.

  • 1000 pieces - suitable for 12+
  • 68 x 49 cm - fits easily on the table
  • Coined edges - smooth easy-fit pieces
  • Made in the Netherlands - you can trust the quality