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1000 Piece Puzzle - Desert Horses

by Jumbo
Sold out

Let your mind travel as you enjoy Jumbo's superb photography of the world's most beautiful destinations. All 1000 pieces are perfectly 'coined' to have smooth edges. This means the edges don't fray easily and the pieces fit nicely together. Jumbo puzzles are made in the Netherlands of course so you can trust the quality!

Jumbo has been pressing puzzles for over 165 years in Zaandam, Netherlands. Now they have offices and manufacturing in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the UK. Exceptional quality, exceptional heritage and products you'll hold on to.

  • 1000 pieces - suitable for 12+
  • 68 x 49 cm - fits easily on the table
  • Coined edges - smooth easy-fit pieces
  • Made in the Netherlands - you can trust the quality