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Bruno Racing Car - Red / No. 3

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The very first vehicle in the collection, Bruno is a Playforever original. Born from a childhood fascination with tin cars & inspired by the beauty of classic cigar racers, founder Julian Meagher set out to create a debut piece that not only looked classic & stunning, but that was beautifully made from the very best materials available. Months of researching production methods to attain the glossiest surfaces possible; 5mm thick wall sections that had never been achieved before & that produced a solid sound, resonating when tapped; genuine rubber tyres as opposed to cheap skin versions. Honest materials that spelled quality, celebrating plastic as a truly exceptional material.

It was following an initial meeting with Nicky King at Habitat in 2004 that Julian’s dream finally became a reality - the very first Bruno racing cars came off the production line, & began to grace the homes & playrooms of customers young & old, all over Europe.

The story of Bruno is a labour of love, beginning with a passion & a dream, & ending with a lifelong heirloom toy to be passed on, played with & remembered for generations.