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Monster Math Scale

by HaPe
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This toy is amazing! Unlike many toy scales, this one is nicely balanced and moves with the slightest change. The numbered weights are very accurate ... so 6+2=8 actualy works! The monster's eye moves with the scale indicating which hand carries the greatest weight.

Yes ... those tiny little red ones are 0.1 weights, so ten of them equals the number 1 weight.

You can talk to your kids about colour, weight, numbers and cause & effect. Scales are every where in life, so this is a great lesson in weight with the added benefit of basic addition and multiplication. Beyond the teaching value, the monster is fun, the weights are nice to hold, the materials are solid and it's eye-candy.

There are many Hape knock-offs, but this is the real deal. Hape is a Swiss company that leads by design quality and product safety.

Age Safey :  3yrs+