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Showtime Puppet Theatre

Sold out

The new Honeybake Showtime Puppet Theatre is perfect for staging small puppet and marionette shows at home or school. The use of puppetry encourages children to be creative in many areas and can also be used to help children build their confidence.
This is the only theatre available for kids that includes advanced props for making the performance more real. This includes a stage door, blackboards, a ticket window, swept red drapes and a operable curtain to start the show.

Le Toy Van also offer a high-res image for printable tickets to make the whole role-playing fun more real and exciting ... see images.

  • Package Dimensions: 82.2cm L ×64.1cm H ×7.9cm W ×13.8kg
  • Product dimension: 70cm L ×122cm H ×41cm W

Follow this link to view the enormous range of puppets we can offer to start the show! Look for puppets that are no longer than perhaps 40cm.