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Slinky - Original Metal

Sold out

This is the original ... still made in the US.

In 1943, Richard James,a Philadelphian marine engineer was attempting to develop a device to protect a special instrument use on naval battleships. When prototyping springs for his mechanism, one fell off his desk and cascaded to thge floor. From this moment, he had his idea for a walking spring toy. In 1945, James completed his design and the Slinky was born ... largely an accident.

About 80 feet of wire go into each Slinky, and you could circle the Earth about 132 times with the steel wire used in Slinkys to date. That's a lot of steel!

True Slinkys are the best ... beautifully wound from quality steel. They sound great, feel great and their movement is captivating. BTW ... the Slinky got its name from being "sinuous and slender".